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  • M Stud Silicone Set
  • M Stud Silicone Set
  • M Stud Silicone Set
  • M Stud Silicone Set


M Stud Silicone Set

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For every set, receive a complimentary mini white silk drawstring pouch.
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*Sold in sets. If you are purchasing for one bag, simply select quantity to be 1. If you also order a bag insert, it will be shipped together.
**Stud silicones for Mini Kelly and Mini Lindy are coming soon!


- Protect bag studs from scratches and stains

- Protect wherever your bag is placed on from dents and marks created by the bag studs (For instance, seats in your luxury cars!)

Why M Stud Silicones?

- The Perfect Fit: M food-grade stud silicones fit Hermes bag studs seamlessly and securely with its thinness and M logo stamped.

- Sustainability: Our products are made to be highly durable. Simply leave the silicones on the studs without taking them on and off too often, and they will be very long-lasting.

- Mini Gift: Enjoy a complimentary mini white silk drawstring pouch for every set ordered.

Fabric Origin (Mini Silk Pouch)

- Nakhon Ratchasima, Northeastern Thailand