While bag inserts/organizers are no stranger to Hermès collectors around the world, do we realize their full benefits to keep our collection in a prime condition? Here, we walk you through the functions of Merandi bag inserts, and which Hermès models to prioritize when starting your ‘insert’ journey with us!


Why Merandi Bag Inserts?      

  1. ‘Organize’ Items
    With zip pockets, car key hooks, phone/bottle holders, and 3+ compartments, it is easier than ever to efficiently organize the contents of your bag. Plus, our inserts fall just below your Hermès zipper, allowing you to use the Hermès zip pocket as well.
  2. ‘Maintain’ Bag Shape
    Merandi inserts are structured enough to maintain your bag shape, and soft enough to give it a cushion in small corners of the bag, ensuring that your Hermès handbags remain in their prime condition and form over the years. Our inserts can easily be squeezed to pop into Hermès bags.
  3. ‘Protect’ Bag Interior
    No more staining and nail scratching the inside of your bag as our bag insert covers the area of touchpoint when you look for things in the bag

The First Brand To Promote Color Play

At Merandi, we encourage clients to 'insert' their personality in the insert color that they choose. Some love it when the color of their Hermès vibrantly contrasts that of the bag insert e.g. Hermès Toffee with Merandi Scarab. At the same time, some clients prefer to neutralize the look and keep the color matching minimal (Hermès Noir with Merandi Dune).

All in all, it is up to you how you would like to create your own #MerandiMatch. Merandi also offers Special Orders (S.O.) allowing clients to be the only one in the world with that color of Merandi insert. 

The Hermès Models

Our products are developed in response to real user experience for each bag model and size to help you make the best out of your Hermès handbags. Here are some tips to help with navigating through your beloved collection.

  1. Birkin
    If you own a Birkin, chances are you have experienced stuff flying around in the bag, since Birkins have wide openings and are boxy.
  2. Kelly
    - Sellier: although structured already, it has narrow opening, more prone to nails/items scratching when looking for things
    - Retourne: although wider opening than sellier, its slouchy nature requires an insert to maintain its shape.
  3. Kelly Pochette
    KP usually comes in swift leather which is very slouchy-looking. Our insert keeps the outside looking in shape so it looks great when carried!
  4. Kelly 20
    Smaller than the KP, our Kelly 20 model is a hybrid of a bag insert and a cardholder, specifically for storing credit cards and bank notes. As it is too small to fit phone or wallet, we use a thinner layer of fabric for this model, to save space.
  5. Lindy
    Loved for its casual and edgy look, the Lindy bags are curled when carried. With this in mind, we have designed our inserts to be shorter in height in order to retain this style, and not make the bag seem boxy. Plus, we don't do a zip pocket since the bag is already secured with its closing!
  6. Picotin
    Merandi Picotin inserts are a drawstring bag. The bottom half is a structured base whereas the top half is a loose drawstring closure. This is to prevent pickpockets while allowing the bag to be structured at the bottom, and more relaxed at the top, to preserve its loved style.
  7. Constance
    As Constance bags have two main compartments, there are two options you can choose from when it comes to bag inserts. The recommended one is to have two pockets sewn together so it is one same piece - easily taken in and out of the bag while preventing items being put in the wrong space (that is - between the bag and the insert). However, for those who wish for the bag insert to be two separate pieces, this can be requested as well. Plus, we also have a bag insert for the new Constance 24 Re-Edition that comes without a midline separator inside the bag!

Cleaning the Inserts

While Hermes handbags require being taken to the spa for cleaning/maintenance, Merandi inserts are relatively dust and water repellent - they don’t collect dust nor absorb small water drops (easily wiped out if done immediately). If mishaps occur and your insert gets very dirty, we recommend dry cleaning and iron steaming for it to be good like new!