VOGUE Thailand, May 2022.

Vogue Diary

"Sort and Sensibility"

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LUXUO, September 2022.

Style - Accessories

"Merandi Founders Know What Hermès Bag Users Want"

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IMPAKTER, September 2022.

Eco-Life - Beauty

"MERANDI: The Epitome of a Sustainable Bag"

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Luxury Innovation Summit, October 2022.

Bâtiment des Forces Motrices, Geneva, Switzerland.

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Out of the Clouds Podcast, February 2023.

In this interview with Anne Mühlethaler, Kate Socatiyanurak discusses building her own brand, MERANDI, and the importance of showcasing her homeland's silk heritage.

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LIPS, May 2023.

Accessories - Fashion

"Hermès Lovers Love This! Bag Inserts by MERANDI Made from Thai Silk"

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