Already an open secret among Hermes collectors, Hermes is one of the top when it comes to resale value. However, these resale values do vary, depending on your bag condition. Here are five simple tips to make sure value of your Birkin (or any other bags) does not go down, even after years of use!

1. Always, and we must emphasize, always, keep all your paper trail safe for authenticity proof. This includes receipts and documents about the purchase.  

2. Keep the sticker on your hardware to protect the metal plating from stains and scratches. When an Hermes bag gets authenticated, hardwares are one of the most observed parts, and in many cases, cannot be repaired or replaced!

3. When not in use, store your bag in the iconic dust bag to avoid discoloration. Although Hermes bags are made using premium leathers like Togo, Epsom, or Swift, these leathers naturally oxidize if exposed to the natural or artificial light for a prolonged period of time. 



4. Use Merandi wraps to protect bag handle from wear and tear. Bag handles are prone to transfers from natural oils, body lotion, and alcohol. Using wraps will not only personalize your bag to be more 'you', but will also prevent the leather from color changes. 

5. Do NOT get your H bag wet. Use the raincoat provided by Hermes (even if your Epsom leather is water resistant!) or else the damage will be grave.


**And of course, Merandi bag inserts will maintain your bag shape and protect the bag interior. Slouchy bags, and stains from pen or spilled lipstick will dramatically reduce the value of your bag. Keep in mind that a handbag's interior is equally important as its exterior!

Pick a bag insert to pair with your H bags, and let your MERANDI journey begin now.