One of the finest fabrics in the world, Thai silk has its own signature luster and a long-standing heritage. Crafted from strong-yet-lightweight, elastic-yet-supple fiber, the fabric allows better ventilation when compared to the so-called Italian silk, which is actually made from polyester.

Complicated in its own right, the manufacturing process of Thai silk is highly time-consuming and begins with Thai silkworms, or Bombyx mori, feasting on mulberry leaves and building a cocoon with their spittle. Once mature, the cocoons are degummed by Thai local weavers, and the degummed silk is then boiled with various dyes before entering the spinning and weaving processes. A truly remarkable journey from cocoon to thread to yarn, and ultimately end fabric.

Rich, magnificent, and exotic, Thai silks are used all over the world in haute couture and luxury furnishings. Lasting a century or more with proper care, these silks play a key role in promoting slow fashion.